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EPTO is the trade association of the European Passenger Transport Operators, whose members are the ten largest private public transport companies in Europe

Established in 2007, EPTO promotes the development of a competitive market structure for the supply of public transport services and will assist and support the opening of the passenger transport market. EPTO represents one of the leading transport services organisations in Europe.

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Number of employees

In Europe 255,000
Worldwide 360,000

Number of
passengers carried
each year

In Europe 12 billion
Worldwide 21 billion

Total fleet size

In Europe
Trains & Trams 5,300
Buses & Coaches

Trains & Trams 6,500
Buses & Coaches

Principal services provided include:

- urban, regional, national and international bus and coach services.

- urban, regional and national rail services.

- urban metro and tram services.

- taxi and other demand responsive services.

- ferry and harbour services.

- network planning services.

- bus, coach and train station management.

These services are provided across the spectrum of regulatory regimes from deregulation to competitive tendering.