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Established in 2007, EPTO promotes the development of a competitive market structure and the supply of private sector public transport services. This is helping to deliver real benefits to the economic growth and social well-being of communities:

New board of EPTO confirmed

Here is a selection of our position papers or interventions:

EPTO supporting EC at the its workshop on the interpretative guidelines to Public Service Regulation 1370/2007

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Liberalisation is not at the expense of workers - EPTO paper on social conditions

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Annual turnover

European operations
€19 billion

Number of employees

In Europe 255,000
Worldwide 360,000

Number of
passengers carried
each year

In Europe 12 billion
Worldwide 21 billion

Total fleet size

In Europe
Trains & Trams 5,300
Buses & Coaches

Trains & Trams 6,500
Buses & Coaches

Principal services provided include:

- urban, regional, national and international bus and coach services.

- urban, regional and national rail services.

- urban metro and tram services.

- taxi and other demand responsive services.

- ferry and harbour services.

- network planning services.

- bus, coach and train station management.

These services are provided across the spectrum of regulatory regimes from deregulation to competitive tendering.